You can study another discipline and you can use the MSA to enhance your career.

As MSA Director, her goal is to prepare students for the CPA (Certified Public Accountant) Exam, and give them opportunities to advance their future careers in accounting. "Depending on what they've done previously, and looking at what they want to do in the future, we help them design a master's that's a good fit for them."

My professors always focused on my individual path...

This individualized approach is what sets Kogod apart, according to Wallick. The school is committed to helping each student find their own way-whether it's deciding on an elective course, or charting out career goals. Kogod's supportive, team-based environment only enhances this personal attention. "It's different than a straight-up, systematic business school. There's not a competitive feeling-it's more about working towards a goal together," Wallick says.

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Kogod strives to create an interactive learning environment with a strong focus on experience-based learning.

Our students get hands-on experience in all facets of business through real-world projects inside and outside the classroom.

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Devon Wallick, MSA ’17

Going Your Own Way

If you asked Devon Wallick, MSA ’17, what the future holds for him, he’d tell you, “I have no idea. But I’m excited to figure it out.”

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Stephanie Piperno, MSSM’ 17 in Copenhagen

Trip to Copenhagen Inspires

Stephanie Piperno, MSSM' 17, learned about-and visited-countless sustainability-focused organizations in the Copenhagen.

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Seniors Rising: Three Kogod Students Awarded for Business Commentary

Seniors Rising: Three Kogod Students Awarded for Business Commentary

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