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Leadership Education and Development (L.E.A.D.)

Leadership opportunities in Kogod are facilitated through the Leadership Education and Development (L.E.A.D.) Program. Supplementing classroom experiences with co-curricular opportunities, it is our hope that all Kogod students understand the value and importance of becoming a well-rounded leader. L.E.A.D. builds upon the principles of Learning By Doing through the following:

Leadership Education & Involvement

What does it mean to be a leader? There are more than a dozen Kogod-specific clubs and organizations in which you can get involved. Click here for a list or graduate clubs or here for undergraduate clubs.

Throughout the academic year, KLAB will host workshops and trainings for our club leaders to show and help them access the resources available to them around campus.

Service Learning

Service learning is more than just volunteering. Combining classroom learning experiences with giving back to the community is a valuable trait for a leader. Working with the Center for Community and Engagement and Service here on campus to learn about what opportunities we have in DC and participating in the Making a Difference program or in a service learning course like Washington Initiative are ways that you can give back to our community. 

Case Competitions, Conferences, and Other Personal/Professional Development Opportunities

There are many opportunities for Kogod students to positively represent Kogod. Check out The Case Hub for more information.

In the weekly BizUndergrad and KSB Bulletin newsletters, many opportunities for getting involved in local, national, and international case competitions or conferences are presented. Check the newsletters each week for details!

Student Leadership Retreat

Each fall, Kogod student leaders are invited to join K-LAB staff for a student leadership retreat.

Graduate and undergraduate students enjoy an action-packed day of leadership training through problem-solving challenges and a ropes course.


Finding someone to give you advice and help you find direction personally and/or professionally is a valuable part of being a strong leader. Through this checkpoint, we would like you to establish a relationship with a professor, staff member, or someone in your professional field and work with them to enhance your developing leadership skills.


Providing guidance, advice and insight for someone interested in a field where you are an expert is an important part of being a leader. The 1955 Club Peer Mentors and FTMBA Student Mentors offer formal opportunities to share your expertise but being a mentor can take many forms.


Effective leaders are not always the presidents of organizations. Leadership takes many forms and one of them is getting involved in groups that are professionally and/or personally interesting to you. Just because you may not hold a leadership position in a group does not make the experience any less valuable. We have many Kogod-specific clubs for undergraduates and graduates but there are more than 200 ways to get involved around campus.


Respecting and understanding diverse perspectives, people, and beliefs is integral to the success of any strong leader. The Center for Diversity and Inclusion on campus offers many workshops to build cross-cultural competencies. Attending more than one of their many workshops can also earn you a separate Diversity and Inclusion Certificate. More than workshops, appreciation for diversity can overlap with many of the other principles listed above. Think of how your leadership education, service learning, mentorship, or involvement has also increased your awareness and understanding of traditionally under-represented groups.


For more information or if you have any questions or suggestions, undergraduate students should contact Kate Irving at (202) 885-1931 or and graduate students should contact Andrew Toczydlowski at (202) 885-1982 or

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Learning Objectives

The L.E.A.D. series supports the following learning objectives:


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