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Student Leadership Retreat

Kogod Student Leadership Retreat

Each semester, Kogod students and leaders are invited to join K-LAB staff for a student leadership retreat.

Location: 15951 Germantown Road, Germantown, MD 20874
at GO-Adventures Teambuilding & Adventure Instruction

In the Spring of 2017, Graduate and Undergraduate students will enjoy an action-packed day of leadership training through problem-solving challenges. They will go to GO-Adventures in Germantown, MD and complete their ROPES Challenge Course.

‘The goal of every team building program is to encourage the development of the four elements of a successful adventure experience: trust, communication, cooperation and fun.’

~ Eriq Powers - GO-Adventures Founder

Last Fall, GO-Adventures partnered with K-LAB to bring their Portable Team Challenge on November 5, 2016. Students had the chance to strengthen their leadership and teamwork skills. On Saturday morning they met other Kogod students and participate in physical and mental trust builders, communication enhancers and team problem-solving experiences.

“I learned the ability of when to communicate at the right time. I learned trust takes time, but in order for trust to be built you need to start by having a fun and open environment.”

~ Student Participant
“My favorite part of the retreat was the minefield game. We had to guide our blindfolded partners across an imaginary minefield safely. It taught us a lot about trusting others and communication."

~ Student Participant

Learning Objectives

The Student Leadership Retreat supports the following learning objectives:

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