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Bloomberg Training Opportunities

Bloomberg training

Bloomberg is one of the premier financial databases that provides extensive coverage of the global financial markets. The ability to access data quickly and to model the data in order to make crucial decisions is vital to all business professionals. Familiarity with Bloomberg terminals will give you a competitive advantage in gaining an elite internship or a job.

Bloomberg Jump Start

Goal: To provide you with knowledge, practical skills and experience in Bloomberg products. This class covers database structure and commands with a focus on real-time and historic pricing, fundamental data, customized analytics etc. 

  • Bloomberg Log On/Log Off
  • Most Helpful Keys
  • Data Content/Coverage
  • News Functions
  • Equity Functions
  • Debt Functions
  • Currency Functions

Bloomberg Equity Valuation

Goal: To help you use Bloomberg power to access information and perform analysis on stocks. This seminar also focuses on advanced equity analytical functions that estimate, from past data, the projected price movement of a stock relative to that of an index or another stock, the intrinsic value of a stock, the risk of bankruptcy, also the implications of changes in capital structure.

  • Bloomberg Log On/Log Off
  • Most Helpful Keys
  • Examine company fillings and "red-line" documents
  • Analyze benchmark statistics and trace company and peer performance
  • Perform a financial analysis on a company
  • Use earnings estimates for a company in one place so that you can quickly gauge market expectations
  • Analyze an issuer's financial operations
  • Research equity analyst recommendations

Bloomberg Foreign Exchange Market Analytics

Goal: To introduce you to the FX price discovery and functions related to Spot, FWD, Cross rates and volatilities as well as to ways how to rank currencies to find cross currency investment opportunities.

  • Bloomberg Log On/Log Off
  • Most Helpful Keys
  • Data Content/Coverage
  • FOREX Market Characteristics
  • FX Cross Rates, SPOT, FWD, BID-ASK Spread
  • FX Forecasts
  • Libor Historical Data
  • Covered Interest Rate Arbitrage


Kogod School of Business FSIT Lab Training

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