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Kogod in the Media/January 2009


Faculty, Programs, & Quotes

Kogod Professor and Tax Expert Don Williamson quoted in Washington Post

Donald Williamson was recently quoted in an AP article titled Meltdown 101 U.S. Tax Laws Can Even Foil the Pros.

The article discusses how tax law is confusing for everyone. Timothy Geithner, President Obama's nominee for Secretary of the Treasury, even found himself tripped up on his self-employment taxes. In a recent AP story, Accounting Department Chair Don Williamson helps readers prevent possible errors related to the withholding of taxes.

When asked about Geithner's mistake, Williamson said his actions were actions "negligent and perhaps reckless." But he says he deserves at least a partial pass for the faulty 2003 and 2004 returns, since that involved a technical matter his tax preparer should have known about. Click here to read the full article on (1/16/09)

Kogod Professor Barbara Bird quoted in Express

Kogod Professor Barbara Bird was recently quoted in a leadership article in the Washington Express where she commented on how to focus on becoming a better leader.

"Charisma is, I think, a little bit learnable," says Barbara Bird, Ph.D., an associate professor at American University's Kogod School of Business. "Some of us are never going to be Barack Obama, but we can be just an eensy bit more [compelling]." And talent isn't that important, Bird says. "An aptitude [for leadership] doesn't mean you will become a leader, and it doesn't mean you can't develop aptitude." In other words, stop worrying if you don't think you're a natural-born leader, and work on building concrete skills. (1/14/09)

Kogod Professor Donald Williamson interviewed by NPR

Kogod Accounting Professor, Donald Williamson, chair of the accounting department at American University, was interviewed by NPR about Treasury Secretary-designate Timothy Geithner and how he did not pay some taxes when he worked for the International Monetary Fund. Additionally, Professor Williamson provides insight on how this may have roots in the way the IMF pays its American workers. Listen now. (1/14/09)

Kogod Real Estate Professor Peter Chinloy featured in Real Estate Bisnow

Professor Chinloy provided real estate predictions for Real Estate Bisnow. His latest data show a 12% vacancy rate in DC office space. Learn more about his predictions at (1/5/09)