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The Kogod Global Management Institute's one-week intensive format is designed for professionals and highly motivated graduate students with an interest in developing emerging markets acumen.

The Kogod Global Management Institute's interdisciplinary approach ensures that managers and executives in every division of a company will emerge with a more comprehensive understanding and stronger skill set for influencing their own organizations.

For some organizations, ambitions to globalize may never go beyond boardroom discussions; for others, market entry initiatives will be measured and calculated, but success elusive. Professionals who complete the Kogod Global Management Institute will become a valuable resource for their organization to ensure opportunities are viable and ideas are implemented.

Additionally, entrepreneurs interested in leveraging global opportunities to grow their business, from supply chain expansion to customer acquisition, will find the KGMI to be an ideal source for framing and evaluating their interests.

Graduate students engaged in business, international relations, public policy and a range of other topics will find this rigorous Global Management Institute the ideal complement to their studies. Students will gain a distinct competitive advantage by completing the KGMI.

Set against the backdrop of Washington, DC's tremendously diverse and deep international community, Kogod Global Management Institute participants will walk away with a tangible network of resources, including entities and individuals that can advance their interests. Both for-credit and non-credit enrollment options are available.

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