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Three-Year Scholars Programs

Three-Year Scholars Programs

American University offers several unique programs where students have the opportunity to earn their degree in three years. Each program is run by the program's school and academic unit.

The following three-year degree programs are available to incoming Freshman:

Student Study Group

About the Programs

Three-year bachelor programs at American University are designed to be intensive academic cohort experiences for motivated and ambitious students. Each three-year program provides a rigorous academic curriculum augmented in the summers and during the regular semesters with cohort courses and with other curricular experiences linked directly to the program of study, enabling students to develop strengths in investigation and inquiry related to the disciplines. It is not necessary to have Advanced Placement or other credits in hand in order to complete the program in three years.

The three-year experience is distinguished from the four-year experience at AU by its pace of study and by seminars and enhanced mentorships with faculty. Consequently, students earn not just a degree, but a degree plus a level of commitment to the field that will prepare them for graduate study or placement in the workforce.

Each cohort is defined by a pivotal foundation course - an enhanced introductory course that includes a living-learning component where students live in a common residence and participate in extra curricular activities that enrich their classroom experiences. This arrangement provides an opportunity to take the discussion out of the classroom and into daily life. Unique programming and activities through the residence hall will further strengthen the connection to the three-year program’s academic discipline. Overall, students will be provided the socialization experiences that allow them to have the typical “college experience” combined with the shorter time-to-degree.

Politics, Policy and Law Three-Year Program Launched

The Politics, Policy and Law (PPL) Scholars program is a rigorous, inter-disciplinary program designed to introduce highly motivated students to the principles, practices, and institutions of politics, policy and law from multiple perspectives, and prepare students for careers in these areas.

PPL Scholars will progress through a three-year curriculum as a cohort while majoring in one of two interdisciplinary tracks of study, Communications, Legal Institutions, Economics and Government (CLEG) through the department of Government, or Law and Society through the department of Justice, Law and Criminology.

CLEG Track

Law & Society Track

Three-Year Public Health Program Launched

American University's Public Health Scholars Program is a rigorous and intensive course of study designed for highly-motivated entering freshman that have a strong social conscious and passion for public health. Students in this program are able to participate in uniquely designed cohort specific-activities in addition to all the traditional undergraduate experiences while earning either a BA or BS in public health.

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