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Frederick Douglass Distinguished Scholars | About


Frederick Douglass Distinguished Scholars Program
Hughes, Room 100

Frederick Douglass Distinguished Scholars Program
4400 Massachusetts Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20016-8119

The Frederick Douglass Distinguished Scholars Program

The award-winning Frederick Douglass Distinguished Scholars program is American University's premier Honors community for exceptional students who are dedicated to improving under-resourced and under-served communities. Since 2010, AU has awarded more than 25 Douglass Distinguished scholarships to outstanding undergraduates with demonstrated leadership and civic commitment. The scholarship program prepares these talented individuals to lead meaningful and measurable change in an ever-changing and complex world. Frederick Douglass Distinguished Scholars personify the best of AU: innovation, entrepreneurial thinking, and active citizenship.


To be the most inspirational, influential, and celebrated student and alumni leaders dedicated to excellence, inclusion, and the advancement of underserved, under-resourced communities in the history of American University.


To elevate the intellectual curiosity, social responsibility, and success of enterprising students for post-baccalaureate education, impactful citizenship, and lifelong achievement.

Application Deadline

Students must complete an application form by January 15.

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