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University Honors Program | Capstone Videos

Overview. Dr. Michael L. Manson outlines the initial stages of the Honors capstone project, guiding students to determine a purpose, look for an advisor, consider the format, attach it to a course, and submit the online form.

Selecting a Faculty Capstone Advisor. Dr. Manson explains the difference between a professor of record and additional faculty mentors and provides advice on how to approach and connect with faculty.

How to Submit an Honors Capstone Proposal. Dr. Manson details the three parts of the online capstone form: the proposal, work plan, and capstone grant application, and offers tips for authoring a strong and successful proposal.

Advice from a Department Honors Coordinator. SPA Professor Kimberly Cowell-Meyers articulates the benefits of enrollment in a departmental capstone course, offers advice on developing a capstone proposal, and lists recommended resources. Professor Cowell-Meyers teaches the Government capstone course and serves as the Department Honors Coordinator.

Advice from a Faculty Capstone Advisor. SIS Professor Elizabeth Cohn encourages students to draw from experience to choose a topic about which they are passionate. She provides a valuable faculty perspective on selecting and working with a faculty capstone advisor and staying organized throughout the process.

Student Testimonial. Dhruv Sarin, KSB, highlights his capstone experience working closely with a faculty member to design a business plan for his India-based non-profit.

Student Testimonial. Carley Wigod, SPA/CAS, discusses how her capstone project, organizing an EPA technology summit, connected her academic interests and widened her professional aspirations.

Student Testimonial. Jaclyn Yeary, CAS/SOC '13, discusses completing her Honors Capstone through an independent study and the skills she gained from her experience creating a short documentary.