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AU and University Honors | Director's Welcome

I hope that visiting this website has rekindled your love for the ideas and for the people you met through your experience in the Honors Program, and I hope that you will find ways of reconnecting with your friends, with the program, and with current students. 

If you want to reconnect with old friends, you can attend the annual Alumni Weekend and other events that occur throughout the year, or you can share your news in the Honors newsletter or perhaps be the subject of one of the Honors "success stories" on our website. 

If you want to nurture current students in the Honors Program, you can speak to them at events, in the residence hall, in classes, or even at Cake Day. You can serve as a mentor or appear on the alumni panel that teaches networking skills. You can also designate to AU Honors your financial contribution to the university. Every contribution of whatever size helps us make the case that the Honors Program continues to make a difference in the lives of students at AU. 

If you want to take a leadership position, you can serve on the Honors Alumni Advisory Committee, where you can help the Honors Program thrive by organizing events, advising the current leadership, and raising public awareness of AU Honors as well as raising funds for the bold plans we have for further enriching the education we offer to students. 

Please don't hesitate to call, write, or even drop by. Your wisdom and reflection on your experience during and after your time in the Honors Program are crucial for us to have as we go forward and teach the students of today. 

All my best,

Michael L. Manson

Director, Office for Honors and Scholars Programs