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Understanding Media


Fall Semester Seminar, GenEd area 4

Learning is a three-way street. While you will learn from me, I will be learning from you. In addition, you will learn from other students and, I hope, they will from you as well. A teacher is only truly teaching when the learner is really learning. We are interdependent upon each other.

In this class, we will combine theory with practicality but the focus is on real world application of media and communication functions. After this course, you should be capable of performing tasks and work projects on a media issue or similar communications styled work environment. Additionally you should be able to discuss media thoughtfully with a friend, at a professional event or on a job interview.

To live in a mediated world means consuming vast amounts of various media on a daily if not constant basis. From newspapers and TV, to websites and wikis, to blogs, social media and beyond. You need to decide your proper media mix.

From the Professor- Scott Talan

How does your University College section of this course differ from a non-University College section?

We really believe in the weekly lab session (which i soften in DC somewhere like the Newseum, National Geographic, an ad agency, the Smithsonian etc) or very interactive and outside of a classroom.

How do your Wednesday labs tie into the academic content of your course?

By connecting the lab to content in class and also context in terms of linking discussion to learning.

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