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Policies: Food and Drink

Library users may have drinks throughout the library, excluding Archives and the Archives Reading Room, so long as the drink containers have lids. For the purposes of this policy, cans are considered to have a built-in lid. 

Individual snack food may be consumed in most areas of the Library. All other food of individual proportions may be consumed in the Mud Box cafe room.

Certain areas of the Library do not allow any food, in the interest of protecting equipment or materials. No food is permitted in computer areas, Media Services and New Media Center or in Archives and the Archives Reading Room.

Examples of permitted snack food: candy, bagels, fruit, and granola bars. 

Examples of food allowed only in the Mud Box café: pizza, hamburgers, sandwiches, fries, ice cream, and salads. 

Groups or individuals may not accept food orders inside the Library. 

Groups or individuals may not host organized or impromptu meals or snack sessions in the Library.

The Library asks that anyone who consumes food in the building discard their trash in the proper container and clean their area before leaving.