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Media Services - Mediashare for AU Faculty

Borrowing Videos from WRLC Libraries

In order to support the quality of teaching in the Washington Research Library Consortium (WRLC), several member universities participate in a media resource-sharing program, unofficially referred to as Mediashare. If a faculty member at one of the participating universities is interested in using materials from one of the other libraries, the following policies apply:

  1. All materials will be used for educational, class-related purposes only. Public performance is not permitted. All copyright restrictions must be observed.
  2. As with the AU Library's media collection, the patron is financially liable for replacing materials lost or damaged during the loan period.
  3. As with the AU Library's media collection, fines accrue for overdue items ($1.20 per day).
  4. The lending university reserves the right to prohibit the loan of certain materials for legitimate reasons, such as heavy use by the home institution, licensing restrictions, or unusual fragility of the materials.
  5. Patron loan periods for consortium materials are routinely one day. The maximum length of a patron loan period is five days.
  6. Faculty members must request consortium loans at least two weeks prior to the earliest scheduled use date.
  7. Faculty members may request a given title one time per semester. An exception may be considered for previewing purposes.
  8. Media Services will honor up to ten requests for individual titles per faculty member per semester.

Mediashare requests can be made through the Media Reservation Form.

Questions regarding interlibrary media borrowing? Please call the Media Services service desk (885-3250) or the Media Services Project Leader (885-3251).