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Middle East Studies | Course Offerings

MES@AU Course Offerings

To get a full description of these courses traditionally offered through the MES@AU please go to American University Schedule of Classes.


ANTH-215 Sex, Culture & Gender, Prof. Cooper

ANTH-251 Anthropological Theory, Prof. Sayers

ARAB-103 (multiple sections) Introductory Arabic 

ARAB-203 (multiple sections) Intermediate Arabic  

ARAB-303 Advanced Arabic  

ARAB-305 Levantine Colloquial Arabic II 

ARAB-426 Arabic Topics  

ARAB-480 Capstone: Concept of the City, Prof. Rojer

ARAB-490 Independent Research in Arabic 

AWST-115 Introduction to the Arab World 

AWST-396-001 Media On and Of the Arab World, Prof. Arikat  

AWST-396-002 Islam in America, Prof. Besheer  

ECON-458 The Arab Economies, Prof. Willoughby  

GOVT-110 Politics in the United States  

GOVT-310 Introduction to Political Research 

GOVT-325 Minority Politics in the U.S. Prof. Taylor 

GOVT-335 Democratization Theory and Practice 

GOVT-487 Gender & Politics in Mid-East Prof. Singerman

GOVT-735-001 Social & Political Movements Prof. Singerman  

HEBR-117 (two sections) Elementary Hebrew  

HEBR-217 Intermediate Hebrew 

HEBR-317 Advanced Hebrew  

HIST-443 History of Israel, Prof. Brenner

HIST-500-001 Jews & Muslims in Mod. Europe, Prof. Leff

IBUS-550 Microfinance, Prof. Nakshbendi  

LIT-146 Critical Approach to Cinema, Prof. Ratekin 

RELG-470 Islam, Prof. Oliver  

RELG-670 Islam, Prof. Oliver  

SIS-619-005 Comparative Peace Processes, Prof. Wanis-St. John

SIS-619-012 Human Rights in Middle East, Prof. Mokhtari  

SIS-631001OL Bridging the Great Divide, Prof. Ahmed  

SIS-639-003 Nonviolent Action: Middle East, Prof. Awad

SIS-676-007 Political Economy of MENA, Prof. Hardig  

SIS-676 Oil, Islam & Politics in Gulf, Prof. Diwan

SIS-793-001 U.S. Pol Arab Transtn Countries, Prof. Aftandilian  

SISU-105 World Politics, Prof. Tuomi  

SISU-106 Social Movements/Society in MENA, Prof. Hardig  

SISU-206 Introduction to International Relations Research  

SISU-260 Identity, Race, Gender & Culture  

SISU-319 Arab-Israeli Relations, Prof. Spath 

SISU-365 Contemporary Islam & International Relations, Prof. Eralp

SISU-375 Human Rights & Islam, Prof. Mokhtari

SISU-415-001 Negotiating Arab-Israeli Peace, Prof. Ziv 

SISU-415-002 Political Economy of Arab World, Prof. Hassan  

SISU-106 First Year Seminar Soc Movements/Society in MENA, Prof. Hardig  

SISU-306-015 Researching Islam, Prof. Ahmed  

SISU-330-002 Israeli Foreign Pol 1948-2015, Prof. Arbell  

SISU-365-001 Contemp Islam &Int'l Rels, Prof. Eralp  

SISU-431-001T Conf Res in Middle East Sem I  

SISU-431-002T Conf Res in Middle East Sem II  

SISU-431-003T Conf Res Middle East Res Proj  

SISU-431-004T Conf Res in Middle East Intern  

SOCY-150 Global Sociology 

SOCY-225 Arab Societies  

SOCY-316 Contemporary Social Theory, Prof. Lubin 

SOCY-321 Social Reasoning with Quantitative Research, Prof. Xaio  

SOCY-352 Women, Men & Social Change, Prof. Young 

SOCY-370 Power, Politics & Society, Prof. Serhan  

WGSS-150 Women's Voices through Time  

WSEM-496-007T Eurasia/Mideast: Cultr & Peace