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The 2016 Advancing Women to the Corporate Boardroom research team.

Empowering Women in the Boardroom, and Beyond

Women's leadership in the workplace continues to be a key area of focus--for companies and researchers alike. Find out how a team of AU graduate students helped advance the conversation.

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The Analytics of Measurement and Evaluation

By taking inspiration from the way corporations use business analytics to optimize their Big Data, our program measurement and evaluation processes can be greatly enhanced.

Kerwin Henderson

Alumni Find Their Way Back to AU

Many WSP alumni eventually find their way back to DC, and some even find their way back to American University. That was the case for Kerwin Henderson, a current Research Associate in the Justice Programs Office of Public Affairs at AU.

John Ampiah-Addison, classmates and professors enjoying their time in Israel.

A Passion for Excellence

Find out how MBA student John Ampiah-Addison discovered the secret to business success on his global consulting trip to Israel.