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Vice President of Campus Life Team

Gail Hanson VP for Campus Life VP of Campus Life, Office of

Gail Short Hanson has been at AU since July 1997. She provides senior executive leadership for 15 departments organized into two teams: the Student Learning Development Team and the Intercultural Team

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Fanta Aw Assistant VP of Campus Life Campus Life

Dr. Fanta Aw is Assistant Vice President of Campus Life and Hurst Senior Professorial Lecturer in the School of International Service in Washington D.C. Dr. Aw oversees all administrative, programmati

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Robert Hradsky Assistant Vice President and Dean of Students Dean of Students

Robert Hradsky, Ed.D., is Assistant Vice President of Campus Life, Dean of Students, and Title IX Coordinator at American University where he oversees the Office of Campus Life’s student learning and

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Christopher Moody Assistant Vice President for Housing & Dining Programs Housing and Dining Programs

Chris Moody has served as the Assistant Vice President of Housing and Dining Programs at American University in Washington, D.C. since February 2007. Previously, he was the Associate Director for Gues

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Lisa Leone Boms Special Assistant to the Vice President

Lisa Leone Boms joined the Office of Campus Life in July 2013 as the Special Assistant to the Vice President. She previously worked for AU's University Communications & Marketing. Lisa has a backgroun

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Heather Pratt Title IX Program Officer Campus Life

Heather Pratt is a seasoned investigator and an employment lawyer with more than eight years as in-house counsel for corporations in Pennsylvania. She received her law degree from the Dickinson School

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Michael Wargo Campus Life Technology Coordinator Campus Life

Michael Wargo joined the Office of Campus Life as their Technology Coordinator in June 2013. He previously worked for the School of Communication as their Online Content Manager. He is an AU SOC alum,

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Raheem Dawodu Web Communications Coordinator Campus Life

Raheem is the Web Communications Coordinator for the Office of Campus Life. He joined the Office of Campus Life in March of 2016. Prior to joining the Office of Campus Life, he worked at Americans for

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Nadia Trowers Executive Assistant Campus Life

Nadia joined the office of the Vice President of Campus Life in July 2015. In her role as Executive Assistant, Nadia is responsible for providing administrative support to the Vice President of Campus

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