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Academic Support & Access Center

About Us

Front desk reception area of the Academic Support and Access Center

The Academic Support and Access Center (ASAC) supports the academic development and educational goals of all American University students and is committed to providing access for individuals with disabilities within the university's diverse community.

Topics of interest to all students include time management and procrastination, effective writing, textbook reading, note taking, critical thinking, memory skills, and test taking. Graduate students can receive assistance in their coursework or preparing for comprehensive exams. International students may want help with writing or with the transition to the American classroom. Student-athletes work with dedicated counselors who provide individual academic support as well as life skills programming, and first-year students can take advantage of the services offered to better adapt to the college environment.


AU student contacts, on average, accessing ASAC services, including individual counseling appointments, writing help, tutor referrals, workshops, Supplemental Instruction sessions, and accommodations for students with disabilities.

ASAC Learning Resources

  • Individual instruction in time management, reading and note taking strategies, and exam preparation
  • Writing Lab appointments
  • Study skills and writing workshops
  • Free, in-house, peer tutoring and referrals for peer tutors
  • Supplemental Instruction (group tutoring in traditionally difficult classes)
  • Dedicated staff for student-athletes, international students, and graduate students

ASAC counselors are master's level professionals with backgrounds in education and counseling. Peer tutors are students who have received an A or A- in the classes they tutor. Most of them are majors in the field. Writing counselors are graduate students with experience in teaching and tutoring. Both peer tutors and writing counselors also receive ongoing training and supervision, with a focus on students for whom English is not their first language and students with disabilities.

Services for students with disabilities

The ASAC works with students with disabilities to provide equal access to university programs and services. The Center is dedicated to educating the university community on increasing accessibility, and to working individually with students arranging for accommodations, encouraging self-advocacy, and building academic and assistive technology skills. Entering freshmen with learning disabilities may be interested in applying for first-year transition support through the Learning Services Program.