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SI Leader Application

Please, answer all the following questions to the best of your knowledge or your application may not be considered. Thank you.


The following are required commitments of SI Leaders:
Hold two one-hour SI sessions per week
Attend class
Attend Orientation Sunday before classes start
Attend three-hour training session two or three Sundays after classes start
Attend 4 to 5 training sessions during the rest of the semester
Attend 2 one-one-one meetings with the coordinator
Observe two other leaders' sessions and provide feedback to Coordinator

Please, submit the following documents either via email to or by saving them as a single pdf file and then uploading it: 1) Resume, 2) unofficial transcripts, 3) letter of recommendation. If you don't have a letter of recommendation, at this time, you can ask your professor to send it later, by e-mail, to