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Peer Tutor Information

Currently enrolled American University students in good standing may apply to tutor. Tutors must have earned an A or A- in the course(s) or equivalent they wish to tutor and must agree to follow the guidelines and procedures set by Tutoring Services.

All tutoring takes place on campus, with a schedule set by tutors. Typically, tutors work regularly with two to five students per semester. Tutoring Services provides tutor information to students, who are responsible for contacting tutors to arrange for tutoring. In most cases, students pay tutors directly.

How to Apply

There are three steps to apply to become a peer tutor:

1. Fill in and submit the application form below. 

2. Ask your faculty member to email a recommendation to If you wish to tutor courses in more than one subject area, you still need to provide only one faculty recommendation. 

3. Send an unofficial copy of your college transcript(s) to

When we have received your application, faculty recommendation, and unofficial transcript, we will contact you for an interview.

Tutor Application Form 


1. Complete the request form below.

2. Please email your resume, an unofficial copy of transcripts and letter of recommendation from a AU faculty in the field you are applying for to


List all courses you would like to tutor. If you took a course at another college, write in the equivalent AU course abbreviation and number and under “professor” write the college name. Please indicate the exact code of the class(es) for which you would like to tutor (e.g., ECON 100; STAT 202). Please make sure you separate the codes with a semi-colon.

At this time, would you be interested in applying for a Supplemental Instruction Leader position as well?
The Supplemental Instruction (SI) Leader facilitates group study-tutoring sessions for students enrolled in a particular course. The position rate of pay is $14 per hour for approximately 5-7.5 hours of work per week: hours include re-attending class, holding sessions, and participating in training. In addition, SI leaders are compensated for preparation time and any additional tasks. Competitive applicants should have earned an A or A- in the class for which they want to be an SI Leader and have an interest in working and helping others.