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Center for Diversity & Inclusion

Safe Space Workshop: Understanding LGBTQ Identities

The Center offers two different LGBTQ specific workshops. They are the Safe Space Workshop and the Trans* 101 workshop. You can also request an LGBTQ presentation at

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The Safe Space workshop seeks to create a safer and more inclusive campus environment for all members of the campus community by reducing heterosexism, homophobia, and transphobia. The program creates a visible and supportive network of gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and ally members of the campus community. Participants are given a Safe Space placard at the end of the program, which identifies them as someone who has a basic knowledge about issues related to sexual orientation and gender identity and are able to provide support and referrals to members of the campus community.

Safe Space Workshop Schedule

2016-2017 Schedule

  • Tuesday September 27th, 1-4pm
  • Thursday October 20th, 5-8pm
  • Monday February 27th, 5-8pm
  • Tuesday March 14th, 1-4pm


If you have trouble registering for a workshop, please contact the Center for Diversity and Inclusion at or 202-885-3651.

Requesting a Workshop for Your Office or Organization

If you would like to request a specific workshop for your office or organization, please email or call 202-885-3651. All requests need to have a minimum of 10 participants and be requests at least two weeks in advance of the required date.

Safe Space: LGBTQA Toolkit

This toolkit is filled with resources related to understanding LGBTQA identities, heterosexism, and homophobia. These resources also provide information on how to be an ally and some reflection on privilege and oppression related largely, but not only to LGBTQA identities.

If you have a resource that you think should belong on this guide, please email 

You can also check out our Trans 101 Toolkit for even more information related specifically to trans identities and issues.

Trans* Resource Guide 

This guide provides a list of other resources for the AU community on the regulations or accommodations for trans folk on campus as well information on where single user restrooms are and a guide to pronoun usage.

Comprehensive* list of LGBTQ+ Term Definitions

This list is a great resource on all of the terms associated with LGBTQA identities and is also a work in progress - updated to reflect the changing nature of these terms and the addition of new ones. 

Matthew Shepard Foundation

A foundation dedicated to ending violence and hate crimes against LGBTQA individuals and encourage education and awareness. 

The DC Center for the LGBT Community

This website provides reports related to a lot of issues surrounding the LGBTQA community including health concerns. This center also looks at intersectionality with other identities including race, class, ethnicity, ability, and age. 

3 Differences Between the Terms 'Gay' and 'Queer' - any Why it Matters

This article highlights one individuals understanding of the term queer and points to some larger conversations about use of queer and how it relates to identity. Remember, self-identification is key.