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Housing & Residence Life

HDP - Leonard Hall

Leonard Hall

Demographics: First year, Transfer, WMP, IGP

Number of RAs: 7


Leonard Hall

Built in 1967 and named for Adna Wright Leonard was a prominent Bishop within the Methodist Church. He was also an activist and a statesman, dedicated to educating his colleagues. He passed in 1943 in a plane crash on his way to Iceland to visit Methodist chaplains and their troops. He served as both President and a member of the Board of Trustees. 

Leonard Hall is home to approximately 400 students and is known for its diverse residential population and range of communities that are both domestic and international. The building has a traditional residence hall design with corridor-style rooms and shared hall bathrooms. Each floor community has a central lounge space containing a kitchen, lounge furniture and a TV where students are often found studying or participating in events and programming.  

Students gather to study and socialize at The Hatch

In addition to the floor lounges, Leonard Hall is home to one of the most updated student lounge social space, known as The Hatch which is a student ran lounge that often plays host to large programs and can double as a relaxing lounge area with very modern decor and two separated spaces one being a live performance room.

There are 7 Resident Assistants (RAs) in Leonard Hall. The RAs serve as peer educators on the floor, helping residents transition to the university and get connected to the community through a variety of initiatives. The RAs and Hall Councils are known to host the annual traditional Taste Of Leonard program held every spring.

Leonard Hall is on the northside of campus and offers a quieter setting for students

Taste of Leonard prides itself on providing an inter-floor cooking competition that celebrates all the cultures represented within Leonard Hall. Leonard Halls' diverse community is comprised of the first years community, International Gateway Program, Washington Mentorship program and Transfer Students.

Leonard Hall is also noticed for its substantial views, one being the overlooking view of the Amphitheatre and American University's arboretum.

Leonard Hall residents also benefit from a student computer lab that supports internet and printing needs.

Leonard Hall residents have many traditions

Community Traditions:

  • North Campus Halloween Party
  • North Campus Block Party (Spring)
  • Taste of Leonard (Spring)

Get involved:

Interested in making a difference for the community you belong to? Like programming and event planning? Are you an activist at heart and want to get involved in being an advocate for people you serve?
Then joining the Leonard Hall Council is the organization for you.

Email for more information and remember GO LEO!