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Meet the Staff

The University Conference & Guest Services team at American University works year-round to assist conference groups, students, and interns plan their summer stays and programs at AU.  

During the summer months, the team expands through the addition of our dedicated and passionate student staff members, as well as collaboration with Community Director staff.

University Conference & Guest Services Team

Kim Araya
Director, University Conference & Guest Services

Tess Mabry Saffar
Assistant Director, Conference Sales & Marketing

Johni Amos
Assistant Director, Conference Operations

Wenona Davis Hoag
Intern & Guest Housing Coordinator

Ashley Ellington
Conference Operations Coordinator

Mackenzie Sammis
Conference Operations Coordinator

Seth Yates
Coordinator of Conference Operations

Laura Walter
Conference Facilities coordinator

Summer Support Staff

Community Directors (CDs)

Community Directors are full-time professional staff members who live and work in the residence halls. During the academic year, each CD oversees the operations of his or her respective hall. In the summer months, CDs provide support for AU's summer conference operations. In addition, they serve in an on-call rotation to respond to any emergencies on campus.

Business Operations Coordinators (BOCs)

BOCs are experienced student staff members that work directly with our visiting conference groups to ensure that all of their needs are met. These student staff members were hired through a selective process and work full-time from May through August. Business Operation Coordinators possess a vast amount of knowledge about American University and the Washington, D.C. area.

Hospitality Coordinators (HCs)

HCs work with the University Conference & Guest Services team to support all areas of the operation. They coordinate all of the operational aspects for each group and individual throughout the summer.

Conference Assistants (CAs)

Conference Assistants work the residence hall front desks and are a great resource for information. They handle everything from checking in visitors to giving directions. If you have questions during your stay, visiting the residence hall front desk and inquiring with a Conference Assistant is a great place to start.