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from Ecuador

Languages: English and Spanish

Major: Business Administration

Why has AU been a good match for you?

American University exceeded all of the expectations that I had at the time I chose to come here. The school not only offers a great curriculum but also offers precisely what I wished to study as undergraduate. There are clearly separate schools and thus there is a wide range of majors and minors offered. It is possible for students to take classes in the different schools across a variety of interdisciplinary fields, which allows students to explore different career paths. 

Students in general have a great sense of community and are very engaged; AU also has a great international community. At the time I arrived here, I felt like I was going to be part of a small group, but since the very first day during international orientation, I realized that I was actually part of a huge group of international students that make this university unique and create a very international-friendly campus. Furthermore, American University’s location is just perfect for me, a university that is located in Washington D.C, the capital of the United States. Nevertheless its campus makes you feel that you are not in such city because it has so many recreational facilities. Yet, within minutes you can be taking a walk in downtown Washington DC, a city that has so much to offer and with endless activities that will awake curiosity in topics you would have never imagined.

What do you plan to do when you graduate?

I am currently in the Kogod School of Business aiming to graduate with a Bachelor in Business Administration. My interest is on the finance aspects of business, thus I wish to specialize in the financial sector of business. That’s basically my current plan but everyday you encounter so many opportunities and programs that will make you reconsider your aspirations or will just add a long list of majors and minors on your resume. Therefore the opportunities are infinite, not to mention the great abroad programs that will build a valuable international perspective in the topics that you wish to study. 

It’s difficult to say what I will do when I graduate, however I’ll answer this question by simply saying that I’ll step through the next door that will open.