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from Germany

ISSS AU Diplomats Robert Helbig

Languages: English and German
Major: International Studies (SIS) and Political Science (SPA), Minor: Applied Physics (CAS)

How has AU opened your eyes to the world?

Because I am taking most of my classes in the School of International Service, I have met many people from all over the world. The majority of the SIS professors are from abroad so each and every one of them can give insights from their culture. The times I have spent with my international friends were very exceptional because although we come from very different backgrounds, here we are all in the same situation. Everyone supports each other and we share many special experiences.

Tell us about an internship or professional experience you’ve had.

Right now I am interning at the National Security Archive which is a non-governmental research organization. I am working on a NATO expansion project for which I collect files from the CIA, State Department and Defense Department. The internship gives me a great opportunity to apply my research and language skills. In addition, I get to work with cutting-edge professionals. Through my work I got to meet a number of professors, authors and even a former U.S. Ambassador to NATO. During the time at my internship I have made valuable contacts. D.C. provides many opportunities like this and I am sure that I will do several internships in the future.