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Information about Tuberculosis (TB) Tests and DC Reads

Why do you need proof of a negative TB test?

TB (tuberculosis) is a disease caused by a bacteria that most commonly affects the lungs. It is spread through the air from person to person. At one point in time, TB was the leading cause of death in the US.

While TB cases are far more rare these days, they may be more likely to be transmitted in a setting where people have regular contact with each other. TB is also more likely to spread among those with weaker immune systems (children, elderly, the infirm, the homeless, etc.).

To reduce the threat of exposure, we screen all tutors for TB disease. (Persons with latent TB do not spread the bacteria.) This is for your protection as well as the children.

I did take a TB test recently, how do I prove it?

  • Attach a copy of a physician's note or immunization/shot record to your application
  • You may have your physician fax it to the Community Service Center at (202) 885-1554

I guess I need a test, how do I get one?

  1. Visit the Student Health Center in McCabe Hall on Tuesdays or Fridays. The Student Health Center charges a $10.00 fee if you are not covered by the university health insurance.
  2. Visit your doctor at home (but note that you may not begin tutoring until you have submitted your negative test result).

Learn more about Tuberculosis (TB)

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For more information about Tuberculosis (TB), visit the Center for Disease Control online. Read more at the National Center's Division of Tuberculosis Elimination (DTBE) website.

Tuberculosis Information