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Wellness Center
Hughes hall, Room 105

Pritma "Mickey" Irizarry
Director, Wellness Center

Wellness Center
4400 Massachusetts Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20018-8067

OASIS Advocacy Services

Victim Advocacy at AU is a free and confidential service designed to provide emotional and administrative support to anyone in the community impacted by sexual violence. 

An advocate can provide: 

  • Emotional Support
  • Information about options on and off campus 
  • Coordination of interim support measures including the barring of non-students from campus, academic support, and No Contact Orders. Interim measures are NOT contingent on an official report or investigation. 
  • Referrals to campus and community resources Administrative support throughout the reporting, investigation, and hearing process.
  • Psychoeducation on the impact of trauma and cycle of violence.

Advocacy Is: 

  • Trauma-informed 
  • Survivor-centered 
  • Empowerment-based 
  • Confidential 
  • Available to any student in the campus community, regardless of where and when an incident took place. 

Advocacy Is Not: 

  • An official report to the school 
  • A substitute for counseling or therapy 
  • Legal advice 
  • Medical advice 

Questions? Feel free to contact us at or call 202-885-7070.