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Office of Information Technology

Your Personalized AU E-mail Address

New Student Summer 2016 Information Series: Message Two

Hello again from the Office of Information Technology!

This is the second in a series of information messages that will introduce you to important technology services at American University. Click on the SUMMER 2016 INFORMATION SERIES link.


You are assigned a unique user name and password when you create your AU computer accounts. Be sure to memorize this information.

Your user name is based on your first and last initials, plus the last four digits of your AU ID number and the letter a. For example, a student named Jane Doe, with an AU ID of 1234567, would be assigned a user name of jd4567a. If two students have the same initials and last four ID digits, one will be jd4567a and the other will be jd4567b.

AU student e-mail addresses use the form:

In this example, Jane Doe's student e-mail address would be:

You may contact the OIT Help Desk to request an e-mail alias of at 202-885-2550,, or AskAmericanUHelp.


To access your AU e-mail, open your Web browser and go to You should log in with your full email address, and your myAU portal password. You can reset your AU e-mail password through the portal. Log in and click to expand the TECHNOLOGY section of the personalized links on the left. Then, click SYNCHRONIZE PASSWORDS. Enter your myAU password in the box provided, and make sure the check box to synchronize your Gmail password is selected, then press OK


All electronic correspondence from the university will be sent to your e-mail address. We would like to encourage you to try AU's Gmail service, which includes Google Chat, Drive, and Calendar; but if you wish, you can opt to forward your mail to another e-mail address.

To forward mail from your AU account to another address, log into Click on SETTINGS and then FORWARDING AND POP/IMAP. Check the radio button beside FORWARD A COPY OF INCOMING MAIL TO and enter your e-mail address in the box. It is recommended to select KEEP AMERICAN UNIVERSITY'S COPY IN THE INBOX to keep a copy of messages sent to you in your Gmail inbox. You may also choose to archive or delete messages, if you wish. Click SAVE CHANGES at the bottom of the page.

That's all there is to your AU e-mail! The next information message describes AU's recommendations for what technology devices to bring to campus. Subsequent messages include instructions for how you can give your parents or guardians access to your academic and financial information using their own login. You will decide what they see, and what they don't see. We'll also tell you how to configure your technology devices to work on AU's campus, as well as how to get help when you arrive.

Have a great Summer! We hope to see you at one of the orientation sessions!

IT Help Desk
Office of Information Technology
American University
IM: AskAmericanUHelp

Get Help at the 2016 Tech Fair

Bring your laptop to the 2016 Technology Fair located in the University Library, from August 20th - September 2nd, to have your computer configured to use AU's network or just get help.

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