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Office of Information Technology

Limitations of Using an IMAP Client

Many IMAP clients are supported by the Office of Information Technology, as we recognize that individuals may have preferences for a particular e-mail client. However, it is important to recognize that using one of the clients rather than AU's recommended Lotus Notes software will result in degradation of performance and loss of functionality, as described below.

Requires manual syncing of calendar and contacts to BlackBerry

Only the Lotus Notes client can wirelessly synchronize calendar and contact information between your computer and your BlackBerry. Using an IMAP client, you would need to install the BlackBerry Desktop Manager application and connect the cable to do a manual sync periodically.

Calendar and Contact information stored on only one computer

IMAP clients do not support the use of multiple computers (office, home, and/or laptop) to access your calendar and contact information. Changes would have to be manually copied to each computer.

Inability for others to manage your Calendar and Contacts

Your calendar and contact information will be stored locally on your computer, if you use an IMAP client. Therefore, you will not be able to delegate access to your assistant or other colleagues.

Private groups will be inaccessible

IMAP clients send mail out to the Internet, using your internet e-mail address (, and then return it to AU for delivery. As a result, you will not be able to send e-mail to private groups from an IMAP client.

E-mail is routed internally when you use either the Lotus Notes client or AU e-mail via the Web. This allows the Lotus Notes hierarchical name (Jane Doe/jdoe/AmericanU) to be matched to the access control list managing access to the private group.

Advanced Delivery Options will be unavailable

Advanced delivery options, such as encrypting or digitally signing a message, will not available when using an IMAP client.

Many IMAP clients do offer the ability to send messages requesting a return receipt or confirmation of delivery.

Inability to Access Performance Management databases, shared calendars, and other Notes databases

The Lotus Notes client is needed to access these types of databases.

No integrated SameTime chat and awareness

SameTime awareness shows is built into the Lotus Notes client. This allows you to see who is logged into SameTime instant messaging, right from within your Inbox.

Inability to View BusyTime for scheduling meetings

IMAP clients do not have the ability to query the Lotus Notes BusyTime database for time availability lookups, when inviting people to a meeting.

When using the Lotus Notes Calendar SCHEDULE A MEETING feature, you can click the schedule button after inviting people and requesting room reservations. You are then presented with a visual indicator of who is free and you have the ability to pick other times where everyone is available.