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Office of Information Technology

Lotus Notes Standard Desktop Policy

Explanation and Details on Default Notes Settings

Lotus Notes


The Office of Information Technology follows a "Best Practice" policy from our software vendors. We have deployed these recommended settings so that users will get the best experience when using Lotus Notes. The settings will also make it easier for our technicians to troubleshoot issues. These settings are not locked in, so they can be changed at any time if alternate settings are preferred. Below are the default settings, and where they are located in your Lotus Notes preferences should you wish to change them.


File -> Preferences -> Basic Notes Client Configuration

  • AutoSave - Enabled to save email you are working on in the event of a restart
  • Enable MS Office Send to Lotus Notes - When enabled you can email MS Office document from Word or Excel

File -> Preferences -> Calendar

Basic -> Views

  • Process cancelled meetings automatically – Remove from calendar – Enabled so the user does not have to manually process calendar cancellations
  • By default leave placeholder for countered meetings – Enabled so countered meetings show up in Orange on your calendar

Basic -> Notices

  • Remove meetings notices from my Inbox after I process them – Enabled to keep your Inbox less cluttered
  • Display unprocessed meeting notices in the New Notices MiniView – Enabled so you can quickly find meeting notices that need attention. The MiniView can be found in the bottom left corner under email folders
  • Automatically process meeting updates and apply changes to meetings. – Enabled so you do not have to manually process these types of notices. Note: Meeting updates with comments will still be sent to your Inbox after being auto-processed
  • By default, keep me informed of meeting updates when I delegate or decline meetings – Enabled so the user will remain on the invite list in the event of a meeting change in date/time


  • Availability – Default times are set but OIT encourages all users to update the days/times according to your work schedule
  • Check for conflicts when adding calendar entries – Enabled to prevent double bookings

Access & Delegation

  • Schedule Access – Everyone – Only my availability – Enabled for meeting availability (Busy Time) Note: Details of availability is not provided by default

File -> Preferences -> Contacts

  • Enable “Synchronize Contacts” on the Replication and Sync Tab – Enabled so contacts will be synchronized to WebMail and to mobile devices

File -> Preferences -> Mail

  • Spell-check messages before sending - Enabled so email messages are automatically spell checked prior to sending
  • Warn me about blank message subjects - Enabled so warn against blank subject lines
  • Automatically close original e-mail when replying/forwarding - Enabled to keep multiple tabs from being left open
  • Use Lotus Notes as my default e-mail program - Enabled to Web and documents with email links will open Lotus Notes instead of some other mail program
  • Multilingal Internet mail format – Use Best Match - Enabled to prevent MIME messages when there is a character set mismatch

File -> Preferences -> Ports

  • TCPIP – Encrypt network data - Enabled to ensure encrypted network traffic when sending email. (Note: This setting is also enabled on the server)

File -> Preferences -> Replication and Sync

  • Replicate/Sync at this this interval for normal priority – 12 midnight to 11pm every 60 minutes seven days a week. Also start a replication when Notes starts and is shut down - Enabled so contacts can be synchronized to WebMail and mobile devices

File -> Preferences -> Search

  • Google Search - Enabled to use Google for users that want to use the embedded web browser

File -> Preferences -> Web Browser

  • Use the default browser I have set as the default for this operating system - Enabled to use the default computer browser