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Configuring Lotus Notes Traveler

Accessing Your Mail & Calendar on Your Windows Mobile Device

Lotus Notes Traveler provides two-way, over-the-air synchronization between Lotus Notes servers and select handheld mobile devices. Traveler synchronizes e-mail, calendar, to-do, address book, and journal data in real time and works much the same as a BlackBerry using the BlackBerry Enterprise Server platform.

When new mail messages arrive in your Inbox they are automatically sent to your handheld device without you needing to do anything and can trigger a notification event, such as a tone or a device vibration. Updates made on the device such as sending a new e-mail or changing a calendar entry are synchronized with the server as soon as a network connection is available.

Creating a Notes Traveler Account

You should connect to the Internet with the device before you perform these steps.

  1. On your device, select SETTINGS, EMAIL+ACCOUNTS, then ADD AN ACCOUNT.
  3. On the ADVANCED SETUP screen, enter your AU email address and myAU portal password, then click NEXT.
  5. On the EXCHANGE ACTIVESYNC page, the EMAIL ADDRESS, PASSWORD, and USER NAME fields will all be populated with your information.
  6. Change the USER NAME so that it matches your AU email address.
  7. Leave the DOMAIN field blank.
  8. Enter in the SERVER NAME field.
  9. The ACCOUNT NAME will be pre-filled, but you can change that to any other value.
  10. Click SIGN IN.
  11. Your account should now be configured.

Removing a Notes Traveler Account

  2. Long press on the account you wish to remove, then select DELETE.
  3. The account should now be removed from your device.

Please contact the IT Help Desk at 202-885-2550,, or AskAmericanUHelp with any questions or concerns.