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Office of Information Technology Newsletter

Improvements in Student Services

The Office of Information Technology (OIT) is constantly working to improve the business functions behind student services at American University. A great deal of focus and attention has been spent on the improvisation and automation of these services to provide the best experience possible for AU's growing student population.

Below are some examples of improved processes that have allowed student transactions to be completed more efficiently:

Student Address Updates and Grade Type Changes

Previously, an address change request form would be filled out by a student and a staff member would then have to enter the new address information manually. Now when a student completes the form, the new address data is entered directly into the student database. The automation of this process eliminates the middle step, and addresses are updated in real time. Up-to-date address information is an integral part of class registration.

The grade type change process has also been automated so that grade type changes happen in real time. Automation makes both processes much easier and less time consuming for students.

Wait Listing

The registration wait listing process is now running 5 days a week on an automated schedule. This makes the wait listing process much more efficient for students and saves 2-3 hours a day of staff time for the Registrar's office. The process previously ran only 4 days a week and had to be initiated manually.

Financial Aid Loan Changes

A new form has been developed for students to request changes to their student loans from Financial Aid. In the past, the Financial Aid office was contacted by students directly via phone or e-mail which could cause delays resulting from missing information. There is now an online form with required form fields so Financial Aid has a better understanding of the requests, and can process them more efficiently. The turnaround on these requests has gone from 7-10 days to a same-day turnaround which is a remarkable improvement.

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