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Office of Information Technology Newsletter

Award Winning Staff

Group Photo of 2010 OIT Award Winners

The Office of Information Technology recognizes the exceptional efforts and accomplishments, both collaborative and individual, of our staff. We continued our tradition by celebrating the second annual internal OIT awards program in December to recognize individual contributions to our OIT team and the larger AU community. These awards also serve to promote standards of excellence for each of us moving forward. The following individuals were recognized at the Fall 2010 semi-annual OIT all-hands meeting.

  • Kelvin Wilson was honored with the Campus Partner award for consistently striving to actively engage partnerships throughout OIT's sister support organizations to continue to improve the educational environment and experience. He advocates for our partners and builds long-standing relationships with them.

  • Michael Grinnell was honored with the Critical Thinker award for demonstrating consistent critical thinking on aspects of our IT environment, whether they be projects, maintenance, operations, security, or service. This individual has always had a very keen eye on how to design, engineer and implement solutions that are not only innovative and valuable - but he never ceases to think about how to make any solution, service, or process more dependable.

  • Joni Snyder was honored with the Customer Service award for consistently reflecting a positive light upon OIT and individual units in the customers' eyes. She is consistent in her work ethic, and devoted to making sure that OIT is providing the most reliable service possible to our customers.

  • Ming Cheng was honored with the Dependability award for demonstrating performance, attendance, punctuality, commitment level, and successfully exemplified dependability. He works with a genuine concern about letting others down. This individual consistently goes above and beyond the normal requirements to assist students, staff, and faculty in a professional manner.

  • Steve Kelly was honored with the Enlarger award for consistently enlarging others through their actions, striving to improve knowledge levels, dependability, effort, and ultimately organizational value through encouragement, sharing, discussion, fair mindedness, and exemplary commitment to quality. He makes himself accessible to those that may need his help, and does so with eagerness, regardless of what the situation or problem may be.

  • Marico Hawes was honored with the Initiative award for being self-motivated, accepting responsibility, and moving the organization forward through voluntary individual effort and energy. He has selflessly devoted his time and talent, volunteering his energy to support multiple project teams.

  • Prashant Sinha was honored with the Leadership by Example award for demonstrating a commitment to professionalism and to AU depicting the suite of characteristics that most of us should aspire to exemplify ourselves. His professionalism and expertise has grown tremendously in direct relation to the number of new challenges on several cross-functional projects he has taken on.

  • Patricia Stewart was honored with the Vision award for demonstrating a long view in making many short term decisions, not always applying the quick fix. She consistently examines all viable options and argues for the best approach for the organization. 

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