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Online Learning | Student Experiences

Graduate and undergraduate students, whether full-time or working professionals, choose Online Learning at AU for its flexibility, academic challenge, and instruction from our world-class faculty. Below, listen to what students who have taken Online Learning courses have to say about their experiences!

Claire Baumann

School of International Service Grad Student, Master's program in International Communication

"I was really surprised at how engaged the professor was ... despite the miles between us."


Sam Wollak

Undergrad studying Political Science in the School of Public Affairs and Public Communication in the School of Communication

"It's really important that ahead of time you plan when you're going to do your work."

Pam Willenz

School of Communication Grad Student in Digital Media Skills Certificate Program

"I love how the individual modules are packed with skills, knowledge, and resources."

Corey Howell

College of Arts and Sciences Undergrad in Public Health

"[Our professor] was able to teach us ... and at the same time contribute positivelty to her field."

Orly Treitman

Undergrad in Interdisciplinary Studies: Computer Science, Legal Studies, and Communication

"I was able to do the readings on the metro going to and from my internship."

Paula Tulis

School of Communication Undergrad in Public Relations and Marketing

"After taking the courses I realized that online learning isn't a joke. It's a rigorous courseload."