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Stefano Costanzi

Associate Professor Department of Chemistry

Dr. Costanzi's teaching interests mainly focus on the countering of chemical weapons and weapons of mass destruction (WMD). His research interests revolve around the computational study of the interactions between chemicals and living organisms. Importantly, Dr. Costanzi’s research significantly contributed to defining and expanding the scope of applicability of computational modeling to the study of G protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs), key targets for many of the chemicals that modulate the functions of the human body. For a list of Dr. Costanzi's publications, see Google Scholar


Laurea in Chemistry, with a Biochemistry Curriculum, University of Camerino, Italy. Ph.D. in Medicinal Chemistry, University of Camerino, Italy.

CAS - Chemistry
Beeghly - 310
Contact Info
(202) 885-1722 (Office)

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  • Fall 2017

    • GNED-250 General Education Area 5 Topic: Chem Weapons:WWI to Today
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    • IDIS-196 Selected Topics:Non-Recurring: AU Scholars Experientl Learn
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  • Spring 2018

    • IDIS-151 AU Scholars Resrch Experience: Learning About Chem Weapons
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