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Danielle Gervais Sodani

Danielle Gervais Sodani

Danielle Gervais Sodani received her BA (SIS ‘96) and MA (CAS ‘03) from American University and currently serves as the Director of Project Development and Community Outreach for SOE and the Institute for Innovation and Education. As Director she secures and manages external funding for projects supporting teacher preparation and professional development including projects from the U.S. Department of Education, the National Science Foundation and the Office of the State Superintendent. She also fosters partnerships with education organizations that support students, teachers, and whole school systems in the District, nationally and internationally in order to conduct programs and research projects. She also researches and helps to secure external funding for the College of Arts and Sciences.

An alum from SOE's International Training and Education Program, she graduated with a concentration in educational technology, building technical skills in web design and researched how people communicate and learn using technology online versus face-to-face. She has taught EDU-519: Uses of Technology in Education.


MA, International Training and Education
BA, International Studies

Favorite Spot on Campus
CAS - School of Education
WCL (4801 Mass) - 453 / 4th
Contact Info
(202) 885-3744

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