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Monica Jackson

Associate Professor Department of Mathematics and Statistics

Monica Christine Jackson was born and raised in Kansas City, Missouri. She obtained a B.S. and M.S. degree in mathematics from Clark Atlanta University. She completed a PhD in applied mathematics and computational science from University of Maryland. After completing her degree at the University of Maryland, she was a post doctoral researcher at Emory University in the department of Biostatistics under the direction of Lance A. Waller. Currently, she is an Associate Professor of Statistics at American University. Her current research interest is in the areas of spatial statistics and disease surveillance with applications to developing, investigating methods for detecting cancer clusters, global clustering patterns, and developing simulation algorithms for spatially correlated data.

As a spatial statistician, she has expertise in developing spatial models for detecting clustering trends in geographic data. She developed similar models to investigate cancer trends in the U.S. Her previous experience and specialization with these types of data has been proven through numerous publications in this field. She has shown rural/urban differences in mammography screening rates in California. This research is important as decisions are made on where to locate screening facilities.

She investigated malaria rates in West Africa to determine if global warming was changing the mortality rates associate with Malaria rates. She also examined the patterns of care and survival of African-American, Hispanic and Non-Hispanic white patients diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. She found that differences in primary tumor size, cancer stage and insurance status were contributing factors in whether patients of different ethnicities/races received surgery, but did not explain differences in the receipt of chemotherapy for some groups. In 2012 she received the Morton Bender Prize for outstanding research by an Associate Professor at American University. She has also spent sabbaticals at the National Cancer Institutes, the Institute for Pure and Applied Mathematics at UCLA and at the Statistical and Applied Mathematical Sciences Institute where she worked on applying her spatial techniques to a wide variety of medical problems.


PhD, Applied Mathematics and Scientific Computation, University of Maryland
MS, Applied Mathematics, Clark Atlanta University
BS, Mathematics, Clark Atlanta University

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CAS - Math & Statistics
Gray - 203
M 8:00-9:30PM (ACC rm B13)
Tue 8:00am - 11:30 am Gray 203 and" virtual" through Wimba
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(202) 885-1509 (Office)
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Partnerships & Affiliations

  • Regional Advisory Board for the Eastern North American Region of the International Biometrics Society.


  • American Statistical Association


  • Caucus for Women in Statistics


  • Institute of Mathematical Statistics


  • National Association of Mathematicians


Scholarly, Creative & Professional Activities

Research Interests

Dr. Jackson main research areas of interest are in spatial statistics and disease surveillance.

Professional Presentations

  • National Cancer Institute, National Institute of Health. “Comparison of tests for global clustering and local cluster detection on data with global clustering pattern and outliers”. Bethesda, MD 03/08
  • US Census Bureau. “Exploring Goodness-of-Fit and Spatial Correlation Using Components of Tango’s Index of Spatial Clustering”. Hyattsville, MD 03/07  
  • National Cancer Institute, National Institute of Health. “Exploring Goodness-of-Fit and Spatial Correlation Using Components of Tango’s Index of Spatial Clustering”. Bethesda, MD 02/07
  • Spelman College, Department of Mathematics seminar, “Statistical issues in disease clustering and surveillance”, Atlanta, GA 10/04 
  • Eastern North American Region of the International Biometrics Society. Invited roundtable discussion leader, “Integrating the SAS certification into the Academic Teaching Environment”.  Washington, DC, 03/08
  • University of Maryland, College Park, SPIRAL Program.  “Disease Clustering”.  College Park, MD  5/05
  • Clark Atlanta University Fall Conference. “Building Careers: The legacy of Clark Atlanta University’s Mathematics Department. Atlanta, GA 10/08.
  • Pomona College, Department of Mathematics seminar, “Statistical issues in disease clustering and surveillance”,  Claremont, CA 1/05
  • Rochester Institute of Technology, Department of Mathematics and Statistics seminar, “Exploring goodness-of-fit and spatial correlation using components of Tango’s index of spatial clustering”. Rochester, NY 8/04
  • Morehouse College, Department of Mathematics seminar “Applied Mathematics and its application to public health and disease surveillance”. Atlanta , GA , 3/04

Grants and Sponsored Research

  • National Institute of Health, National Cancer Institute.  Contract for project titled: “Comparison of Spatial Test for Global Clustering and Cluster Detection on data with varying Spatial Correlation Structure and Geographic Units.”  05/07-08/07

Selected Publications

Note: Order of co-authors is as published and prioritized by contribution, as is customary in the field.   Except for last author which signifies senior author.  
  •  De Mendoza, A., Jackson, M. C., and Sheppard, V. (2016). "The role of knowledge on genetic counseling and testing for BRCA ½ in black breast cancer survivors at increased risk of carrying a mutation." Journal of Genetic Counseling, (Accepted)
  • LaBove, G, Davison, S.P., Jackson, M. (2016). “Compliance of Perioperative Antibiotic Dosing and Surgical Site Infection Rate in Office-Based Elective Surgery,” Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery—Global Open, (4)5: e710. doi: 10.1097/GOX.0000000000000704.
  • Perrin, E., Sellers, T., Maxwell, L.H., Morgan, M., Davis, S-M, Cook, C., Jackson, M.C., Sellers, K.F. (2015). “A Statistical Analysis of Weight Gain During the Freshman Year of College”, Journal of Student Research, 4(1): 144-151.
  • Jackson, M. C., (2014). Testbank for use with the Introduction to the Practice of Statistics, 8th edition (W.H. Freeman) 
  • Arab, A., Jackson, M. C., and Kongli, C. (2014). "Modelling the effects of weather and climate on malaria distributions in West Africa," Malaria Journal, 23(126). (DOI:10.1186/1475-2875-13-126)
  • Veach, E., Xique, I., Johnson, J., Lyle, J., Almodovar, I., Sellers, K.F., Moore, C.T., and Jackson, M.C. (2014). “Race matters: analyzing the relationship between colorectal cancer mortality rates and various factors within respective racial groups”, Frontiers in Public Health, 2(239). (DOI: 10.3389/fpubh.2014.00239)
  • Jackson, M. C., Trotman, A., Stephens, M., and Sellers, K. F. (2012). "The Effect of Latency Variables on Repeated Measures Inference Applied to the Measurement of Risk-taking as a function of Psychopathy," Quality and Quantity (DOI:10.1007/s11135-011-9475-4)
  • Jackson, M. C., and Macpherson, B. (2011). Testbank for use with the Introduction to the Practice of Statistics, 7th edition (W.H. Freeman) 
  • Thompson, W., McGinnis, S., McDaniel, D., Sexton, J., Petit, R., Anderson, S., Sellers, K., and  M. Jackson, M. C. (2011). "A Geographical and Statistical Analysis of Childhood Leukemia Deaths Relating to the Locations of Nuclear Power Plants," Advances and Applications in Statistical Science, 6(5).
  • Jackson, M. C., Gray, M. W., Lu, J., and Solana, H. (2011). "The Integration of the SAS Certificate Program into the Classroom Teaching Environment," International Mathematical Forum, 6(50)
  • Shavers, V. L., Jackson, M. C., Sheppard, V. B. (2010).“Racial/ethnic patterns of uptake of colorectal screening,”Journal of the National Medical Association,102(7), 621–636
  • Jackson, M. C., Huang, L., Xie, Q., Tiwari, R. (2010). “A Modified Version of Moran's I,”International Journal of Health Geographics, 9(33)
  • Jackson, M. C., Colson, A., Johansen, L., Furlong, C., Sellers, K. F. (2010). “Modelling the effect of climate change on the prevalence of Malaria in Western Africa,”Statistica Neerlandica, 64(4), 388-400
  • Jackson, M. C. (2010). “A comparison of estimation methods for conditionally-specified spatial data,”International Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics, 58(2), 169–184
  • Jackson, M. C., Huang, L., Luo, J., Hackey, M., Feuer, E. (2009).“Comparison of tests for spatial heterogeneity on data with global clustering patterns and outliers,”International Journal of Health Geographics, 8(55)
  • Jackson, M. C., Davis, W., Waldron, W., McNeel, T., Pfeiffer, R., Breen, N. (2009).“Impact of geography on mammography use in California,” Cancer Causes and Control, 20(8)
  • Shavers, V., Harlan, L., Jackson, M. C., Robinson, J. (2009).“Racial/ethnic patterns of care for pancreatic cancer,” Journal of Palliative Medicine, 12(7), 623–630
  • Jackson, M. C., Sellers, K. F. (2008). “Simulating discrete spatially correlated Poisson data on a lattice,” International Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics, 37(4), 137 –154
  • Jackson, M. C., Waller, L. A. (2005). “Exploring goodness-of-fit and spatial correlation using components of Tango’s index of spatial clustering,” Geographical Analysis, 37(4), 371–382
  • Russek-Cohen, E., Jackson, M. C. (2002).“Permutation Tests,“ Encyclopedia of Environmetrics, pp. 1547 – 1549, London: Wiley
  • Jackson, M. C. (2001). “Spatial data analysis for discrete data on a lattice,” Contemporary Mathematics, 4, 53–58

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