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Sarah Irvine Belson

Executive Director, Institute for Innovation in Education School of Education

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Dr. Sarah Irvine Belson holds a PhD from Arizona State University in Curriculum and Instructional with a cognate in Special Education. Her research explores educational opportunity for children with disabilities and teacher education policy. Her focus on applied interventions for children at risk attends to two major areas of research, namely special education technology and teacher education policy and practice. She is the author of two books and over 50 research papers on practice and policy in special education and education reform. Dr. Irvine Belson’s experience as a K12 special educator and her focus on interventions that can increase educational outcomes for children with disabilities is a cornerstone of her research and teaching. In addition to her work in policy and practice, she also collaborates with colleagues across departments at American University, including Kiho Kim (environmental science), John Nolan (mathematics and statistics), and Anastasia Snelling (health promotion), to inform policy and improve outcomes for children. Dr. Irvine Belson served as Dean of the School of Education, Teaching & Health from 2002-2015, a role in which was pleased to support faculty and students in pursuit of excellence in the classroom, in the field, and in research.


PhD, Arizona State University, 1995 MA, Arizona State University, 1992 BAE, Arizona State University, 1990

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Selected Publications

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AU Expert

Area of Expertise: Special education, educational policy, educational technology, curriculum-based assessment, diversity issues, teacher education

Additional Information: Sarah Irvine Belson, dean of the School of Education, Teaching and Health and an associate professor of education, specializes in technology integration and teacher education. Her research activities focus on infusing effective components of instructional design across the field of education. Irvine Belson works with governments, schools, and other organizations in developing and evaluating special education policies and practices, and teaches courses in special education and disability studies.  She has trained pre-service and in-service teachers in the area of inclusion of diverse learner and technology integration. Through field-based research, Irvine Belson has successfully worked to integrate technology into educational programs for teachers and at-risk K–12 students. Her background in special education provides a knowledge base for development of the types of support that assist educators to adaptively respond to a variety of individual differences in learning strategies among students. Irvine-Belson's publications include a textbook, Integrating Technology into Special Education(Houghton-Mifflin), and "Reflections on the Education Imperative" in Educational Leadership.

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