Tarek Mahfouz

Foreign National Specialist
Payroll Office

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    Foreign National Specialist
  • In 2004 I joined the AU staff community as a Foreign National Specialist at the Payroll Department. The position is very rewarding since I deal with foreign national students, staff and faculty from all over the world and I try to assist them and help them the best way I can with completing the necessary paper work that they must complete before working at AU. I serve Team 1 and 2 departments primarily. To view the departments, click on the "See Also" section located on the right.
  • Degrees

    MS, Information Systems, American University, MBA, Business Administration, Southeastern University, Bachelor degree in Commerce, Accounting, Ain Shams University
  • Favorite Spot on Campus:

    MGC, Reeves Athletic Field

  • Payroll Office
  • New Mexico (3201) - 350
  • 9:00am to 5:00pm

  • (202) 885-6171
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