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Provost Suggestion Box
August 26, 2008
Scott A. Bass, Provost


Dear AU Community,

This is an exciting time at American University. We are in the midst of a strategic planning process, and we are fortunate to have a banner high-achieving incoming class of students at a time when other universities are dipping deep in to their waiting lists. With strong enrollments, new facilities taking shape, a proud history, a superb location, and leadership dedicated to moving AU to the next level, we are very well positioned.

The strategic planning process has provided an opportunity for many to voice their thoughts and ideas for the future of the academy. I have been fortunate this summer to participate in a number of strategic planning forums and sessions, including discussions with junior faculty. The process has been enlightening for me to better understand past experiences and to help clarify the collective ambitions for the future. It is important that faculty, staff, and students feel that they have a voice in the academy and that their voice is heard.

I would like to encourage the continuation of that process of input and suggestions that is heard by the Office of the Provost. As Provost, I am listening carefully to the different perspectives and insights within our community. To provide more opportunities for input and to facilitate broader participation of the campus community, I am establishing a Provost Office Email Suggestion Box that will allow anyone to send in ideas, suggestions, or complaints to my office.

I encourage to write and submit your suggestions to Over the ensuing weeks, I look forward to visiting the colleges and schools. In addition, please feel free to drop by the Office of the provost and say hello.

Thank you. I look forward to hearing from you.