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February 3, 2017

TO: American University Community
FROM: Scott A. Bass, Provost
SUBJECT: Approval of the New General Education Curriculum: AU Core

I am delighted to announce that the Faculty Senate unanimously approved the university’s Core Curriculum, which will replace the current General Education program.

Changing general education curricula is frequently identified as among the most contentious actions in higher education, because the program offerings and requirements touch virtually every academic unit on campus. With this knowledge, we designed the development of the new curriculum to be a university-wide effort. In turn, the process benefited from unprecedented levels of faculty and staff involvement, subsequently leading to the Faculty Senate’s unanimous approval of the proposal. Implementation will begin in AY2018–19 and will not be fully operational until AY2021–22.

Many thanks to the General Education committee, the AU Core Implementation Task Force, and those within our community who participated in the process and provided feedback. The success of this initiative is a function of the superb work of Vice Provost Jessica Waters, Professor Cindy Bair Van Dam, General Education Manager Brad Knight, and former Vice Provost Lyn Stallings. Additionally, I would like to recognize Dean Peter Starr who played a key role in conceptualizing the new curriculum.