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Office of the Provost | Communications

October 26, 2012

 TO:  Campus Community
 FROM:  Scott Bass, Provost
 Don Myers, CFO, Vice President and Treasurer
 SUBJECT:  Hurricane Sandy Preparations

Current reports indicate that Hurricane Sandy may impact the Washington, D.C. region starting Sunday afternoon with heavy winds and rain continuing throughout Monday. Just as we experienced following the blizzard in 2010 and Hurricane Irene last fall, we will not know the extent of the damage, the impact on regional infrastructure, or the difficulty for students, faculty, or staff to reach campus until the storm has passed.

We will continue to monitor the storm's progress, transportation disruptions and adjust schedules and operations as needed. Regardless, we want to make sure everyone is safe, understands the university’s weather operating policies and is familiar with our methods of communication.

Your personal safety
There are a number of ways you can be ready for this event. Please follow the university’s guidelines on hurricane preparedness (PDF), the University Facility and Personnel Operating Status policy (PDF), and the overall emergency preparedness plan.

We will have a full Facilities staff working over the weekend. They have prepared buildings and systems and will be available to address facility-related problems should they arise. If you encounter a facilities problem, please call 2FIX at x2349. Public Safety staff will also be available throughout the weekend and can assist should an emergency situation occur. For an on-campus emergency, call x3636.

Resident students are advised to follow guidance provided by Housing and Dining Programs personnel.

How we'll communicate university announcements
In an emergency, we will use the communication tools the university has at its disposal in as timely a manner as possible using AU Alerts. These messages will provide information on what is happening, what to do, and links to available additional information.

Our communication tools include text and email alerts, the university's home page, Facebook, and Twitter, the general information line 202-885-1100, indoor yellow AlertUs emergency beacon boxes and outdoor speakers located throughout campus.

If you have not yet signed up to receive text alerts, we encourage you to sign up for AU Alerts at Users can customize whether to receive the alerts as e-mail or text messages or both, and add additional phone numbers and e-mail addresses for delivery.

Status of university operations, continuation of classes
We expect the university to be open on Monday for classes and certain scheduled events. However, that may change. Some events may be cancelled or rescheduled.

Campus officials will be monitoring the hurricane and its aftermath and will make decisions about continuing various operations throughout the weekend based on the severity of the impact to facilities, systems and transportation.

Regarding classes: if on-campus classes are cancelled on Monday, faculty in some cases may conduct class online. Please be in contact with your faculty to know the status of your classes. Students unable to participate in online classes that are held should work with their faculty to make up any missed work.