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Graduate Student Funding

  • Adel Ait-Ghezala Graduate Research Fellowship
  • Doctoral Student Research Scholarships
  • Hart A. Massey Fellowship
  • United Methodist Graduate Scholarship

Adel Ait-Ghezala Graduate Research Fellowship

We would like to congratulate the recipients of the Adel Ait-Ghezala Graduate Research Fellowship for the academic year 2018-19:

Ifeoluwa M. Olawole
School of Public Service

Charlotte Prud' Humme
School of Communications

The Adel Ait-Ghezala Graduate Research Fellowships are available to graduate students who are full-time enrolled students in a master's or doctoral program at American University. The fellowships are intended to support applied, educational or policy-relevant research programs designed to improve the lives of the citizens of developing countries. This is a competitive fellowship. Students must be making satisfactory academic progress (SAP) toward their degrees in order to be eligible.

Fellowship program for Academic Year 2019-2020 will be announced in January 2019.

Application Guidelines for Academic Year 2018-19 are now available along with the Application Cover Letter.

Doctoral Student Research Scholarships

The Office of the Provost provides competitive intramural research scholarships to doctoral students to support their dissertation research. The scholarships are managed by the Vice Provost for Research and Dean of Graduate Studies. Funds are available to doctoral graduate students who:

  • have been admitted to candidacy for the doctorate before the scholarship period begins (in some departments admission to candidacy may be spoken of as "ABD - "All But Dissertation." If you have questions about this requirement, check with your department.)
  • have an approved dissertation proposal, and
  • have an active dissertation chair and committee.

The activity may occur anywhere in the world. The scholarships are intended to provide supplemental funds to support basic research, field work, lab work, or closely related endeavors. Scholarships are available in amounts up to $5,000.

The 2018-19 program will be announced in December 2017 and applications will be accepted until the deadline date.

Application Files 2018-19 and Final Report (PDF Format). Login using your AU email address and password. Then, download the files you need to your computer.

Funding Guidelines FY19


Here is a list of the FY19 Recipients for the Doctoral Student Research Scholarships.

Hart A. Massey Fellowship

The Hart A. Massey Fellowship is awarded each academic year to one or more incoming Canadian students (enrolled as traditional or online students) pursuing graduate studies full-time at American University. The fellowship is applied to tuition charges. Online students are eligible to apply for this award.

Hart A. Massey Application and Checklist (PDF Format)

Hart A. Massey On-Line Application (PDF Format)

Applications for the next round of funding will be announced in February 2019.

United Methodist Graduate Scholarship

The United Methodist Graduate Scholarship is awarded each academic year to a graduate student enrolled at American University who is a full member of the United Methodist Church for at least one year prior to application. The scholarship is applied to tuition charges. Awards are renewable (but not guaranteed) for one year to students who show satisfactory progress towards their graduate degree. This is a competitive award, and applicants must meet minimum University graduate admission requirements to be considered. Online students are eligible to apply for this award.

United Methodist Application and Checklist (PDF Format)

United Methodist On-Line Application (PDF Format)

Applications for the next round of funding will be announced in February 2019.

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