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AU Student Dissertations and Theses Presentations

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Student Name: Ari A. Cohen

Graduate Level: Doctoral

Field of Study/Major: Justice, Law, and Criminology

Committee Chair Name: Richard Bennett

Date of Presentation: 08/08/17

Presentation Location: Ward 300

Time of Presentation: 10:00am

Title of Dissertation: Maritime Crime, Targeted Intervention, and the Diffusion of Guardianship

Abstract: The foundation for this case study is a U.S. Government (USG) policy initiative and intervention which provided 25 high performance patrol vessels, maritime domain awareness technology, and requisite training to the Bangladesh Coast Guard (BCG) in order to support their counter-piracy efforts, particularly in the Chittagong Anchorage and Port. Prior to the inception of this policy intervention, Chittagong was an acknowledged piracy hot spot, with the International Maritime Bureau calling Bangladesh's main commercial port "the world's most dangerous" because of its high levels of piracy and maritime criminal activity.

However, after the USG began to provide materiel, technology, and training support to the BCG in mid-2010, the number of reported pirate attacks against international merchant vessels in the Chittagong Anchorage and Port fell, on average, by 45.1% annually. USG support also enabled the BCG to increase criminal apprehensions by 112% and the value of illicit goods seized by almost 17 times on an average annual basis. With additional patrol boats and technology, the BCG was able to patrol the Chittagong Anchorage and Port area more intensively and effectively, reducing piracy by providing increasingly capable guardianship over suitable targets and effectively deterring motivated offenders (See Routine Activities Theory). Similar to previous urban, land-based studies of hot spot police interventions, the BCG was able to make a substantive impact on piracy in the Chittagong Anchorage through the effective integration of USG provided patrol vessels and technology into an intensive program of patrol and visible deterrence.