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Graduate Studies | Our Faculty

Below several members of our world-renowned faculty talk about teaching and mentoring graduate students.

Sharon Weiner

School of International Service
Department of U.S. Foreign Policy

"We prepare our graduate students to go out into the world and to change it."

Dr. Weiner's Faculty Profile

Stephen Casey

College of Arts and Sciences
Department of Mathematics and Statistics

"The great strength of our program is the ability to help the individual."

Dr. Casey's Faculty Profile

Carolyn Brown

School of Communication
Department of Journalism

"Often I feel that I learn more from them than they learn from me, so it's a mutually beneficial relationship."

Prof. Brown's Faculty Profile

Richard Bennett

School of Public Affairs
Department of Justice, Law & Criminology

"Internships are very important for us in our program."

Dr. Bennett's Faculty Profile

Ana Serra

College of Arts and Sciences
Department of Language & Foreign Studies

"We can pride ourselves for providing a very individualized education, in that we have very dedicated faculty, our classes are small, and we are very aware, very attuned to the needs and objectives of our graduate students."

Dr. Serra's Faculty Profile

Anastasia Snelling

College of Arts and Sciences
School of Education, Teaching and Health

"SETH is a superstar ... in connecting students to the Washington, DC area."

Dr. Snelling's Faculty Profile

Anthony Riley

College of Arts & Sciences
Department of Psychology

"Students have a wide range of things they can do here."

Dr. Riley's Faculty Profile

Daniel Kerr

College of Arts & Sciences
Department of History

"Our graduate program's very tightly knit, and we have very close connections with a lot of our alumni."

Dr. Kerr's Faculty Profile

Jan Leighley

School of Public Affairs
Department of Government

"I think what we offer here, and what's really exciting in the Government Department, is we have a large group of faculty who are trying to grow the program and invest in graduate students."

Dr. Leighley's Faculty  Profile

Jon Gould

School of Public Affairs
Director, Washington Institute for Public and International Affairs Research

"We're ... creating critical consumers of knowledge ... doing real-world research."

Dr. Gould's Faculty Profile

Jonathan Tubman

Vice Provost for Graduate Studies and Research

"I think that a prospective graduate student should apply to AU based on the quality of programs we have.  We have a number of excellent programs that are nationally ranked."

Dr. Tubman's Faculty Profile

Mark Clark

Kogod School of Business
Department of Management

"I consider my job as a faculty member to also include helping students connect with employers. In the Kogod School of Business we really are interested in establishing relationships with the community, and a big part of our community are our employers."

Dr. Clark's Faculty Profile

Patrick Thaddeus Jackson

School of International Service
Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education

"We're in DC, you have access to all of these non-academic, but still scholarly research institutions in the area ... There are opportunities to interact with a whole variety of scholars who are on different kinds of career trajectories ... How do we bring together the professional academic literature on the one hand, and your own concerns and interests on the other, and that interesting space where the two of them meet I think is where graduate education is supposed to be."

Dr. Jackson's Faculty  Profile

Rick Rockwell

School of Communication
Department of Journalism

"AU is very passionate about what we do."

Dr. Rockwell's Faculty Profile

Stephen Silvia

School of International Service
International Economic Relations

"Graduate education in SIS provides students with a breadth of knowledge so that they will be prepared."

Dr. Silvia's Faculty Profile

Victoria Connaughton

College of Arts & Sciences
Department of Biology

"I think mentoring with me focuses on two areas. One is helping them become scholars. And one is through teaching, because a lot of the graduate students are TAs, and a lot of my graduate students are my TAs."

Dr. Connaughton's Faculty Profile

Faculty Mentorship

"Graduate students are in a transition stage of their lives. So we try to make sure that we are mentoring them through that transition and helping them to understand how that role is different from what they might have experienced either in the workplace or as an undergraduate student."

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