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OSP | FAQ | Searching for Funding

Will OSP help me find funding?

Yes, with adequate notice, OSP provides some assistance with helping you to identify funding sources. OSP provides information about how to use available funding search databases. Information sessions highlighting how to perform funding source searches are scheduled regularly. For a schedule of those funding information sessions, please check our website here.

What resources are available to help me look for funding sources?

You can contact the OSP Communications & Operations Manager to make an appointment for you and/or your research assistant to use our online databases which provide up to date information on funding. One of the most efficient ways to look for funding is through Grant Forward and Pivot COS. They are both searchable databases that comprise both public and private sponsors and grant programs and is available on the OSP website. You can also have opportunities sent to you regularly by e-mail through the both services.

What other resources does OSP offer to help me find funding?

In addition to Pivot COS and Grant Forward, OSP also subscribes to other proprietary online databases. The Foundation Center Directory online provides information about private funding sources nationwide. We also subscribe to several newsletters that provide specific program information, general tips for successful grant seeking, and updated news on grant management. These include:

  • Chronicle of Higher Education
  • Federal Acquisition Regulations (FARplus)
  • Federal and Foundation Assistance Monitor
  • Federal Grants Management Handbook
  • A Guide to Managing Federal Grants for Colleges and Universities
  • Research Development and Grant Writing Newsletter
  • Report on Research Compliance

Please contact the OSP Communications & Operations Manager to make an appointment to find out more about these resources.

Can I seek external funding for something other than research?

The world of funding is wide open for those with a compelling idea or program. Sponsors fund many other things besides research. OSP invites you to explore it. A short list of other possibilities includes;

  • Travel
  • Conferences
  • Demonstration and Evaluation Grants
  • Fellowship Programs
  • Performances
  • Films
  • Planning Grants
  • Publication Grants
  • Technical Assistance Grants
  • Temporary Government Assignments (Intergovernmental Personnel Agreements - IPA)

How soon can I get the funding?

Unless you have a source that is eager to fund you immediately, it is best to allow ample time, generally between 6 - 18 months, to obtain external funding. You will need to identify the proper funding sources and then submit proposals to them according to the deadlines and guidelines they have established. The sooner you get started, the sooner the funding can start to arrive.

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