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IBUS-303 Learning From Global Enterprise Failure (3) Course Level: Undergraduate

Learning from Global Enterprise Failure (3) This multidisciplinary seminar focuses on analysis of high profile international corporate failures to gain insights into key business issues in the areas of global strategy, management and leadership, finance and accounting, and risk management and oversight as applied in the international arenas. Students apply knowledge developed in prior functional course work to the analysis of these global enterprise failures. Analysis of failure provides a unique and practical learning approach. Prerequisite: IBUS-300.

IBUS-303   Course Level: Undergraduate

Learn from Failure: The Key to Successful Decision Making (3) This multidisciplinary seminar focuses on how the lessons learned from failure are critically important to improvement in decision making processes. Students develop fresh perspectives on the strengths and weaknesses of standard methodologies applied to this critically important business task. They also learn new methodologies and skills that enable them to analyze actual high profile, failed operational, cultural, tactical and strategic decisions and gain a profound understanding of why those decisions failed.