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PERF-350 Fundamentals of Acting III (3)

Course Level: Undergraduate

Introduces the elements of style and rigorous scene study process to the foundation established in PERF-251 and PERF-252. Through the exploration of classical texts that exemplify specific physical and vocal stylistic theatrical periods, the students continue to hone their artistic versatility. The course is designed to complement the student's previous experience with contemporary/modern scene study with the technical know-how of theatre styles. Usually offered every fall. Prerequisite: PERF-251 and PERF-252 and permission of instructor.

PERF-350 Acting Styles (3)

Course Level: Undergraduate

An intermediate-level acting course focusing on character analysis and performance of Greek tragedy, Shakespeare, absurdist drama, and other non-contemporary or modern dramatic literature. Usually offered every fall. Prerequisite: PERF-251 and PERF-348. Permission: instructor.