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PHYS-160 Astronomy with Laboratory FA5 (4) Course Level: Undergraduate

Astronomy with Laboratory FA5 (4) This course presents students with an introductory survey of topics in astronomy ranging from the history of astronomy as a science to modern studies of cosmology. Students formally explore a series of experiments and hands-on activities demonstrating astronomy as an observational and experimental science to complement the lecture portion of the course. Topics explored in the laboratory include observations of the night sky and of the sun, lab activities on spectroscopy and telescope optics, and measurements of the expansion of the universe. Usually Offered: fall and spring. Restriction: Completion of the University Mathematics Requirement, or concurrent enrollment in MATH-170 or MATH-211 or STAT-202 or STAT-203. Registration not allowed in both PHYS-160 and PHYS-220. Note: Students may not receive credit toward a degree for both PHYS-160 and PHYS 220.