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SISU-320 Topics in Global Economy (3)

Course Level: Undergraduate

Topics vary by section, may be repeated for credit with different topic. Rotating topics including global political economy, international monetary and financial relations, and international trade and investment relations. May be taken A-F only. Prerequisite: SISU-206 and SISU-220.

SISU-320 002
Term: SPRING 2016
Course Level: Undergraduate
Section Title: From Communism to Capitalism
Beginning in the late 1980s, much of Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union undertook a fundamental transition from centrally planned to market-based economies, together with a series of dramatic political changes. This course examines the very different paths that transition took across countries, the determinants of success or failure of the transition process, and the implications for countries currently engaged in their own reform process, such as China, Myanmar, and Cuba.
SISU-320 004
Term: SPRING 2016
Course Level: Undergraduate
Section Title: International Trade Relations
This course considers the main analytical frameworks of trade theory to examine the causes and effects of the various modes of economic globalization: trade, foreign direct investment and migration. Students then use these frameworks to evaluate current and perennial policy questions on topics like the working of the world trading system, regional versus multi-lateral integration and trade and the environment.
SISU-320 001
Term: FALL 2016
Course Level: Undergraduate
Section Title: