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Academics Success Story

UC Students get a first-hand look at goverment

UC students visit Senate gallery, supreme court

By Greg Tenor, former UC student

The supreme court

College students learning about politics may spend their days reading about the inner workings of our government from a textbook, but this is not the case for those fortunate students in the University College Program who get to explore different aspects of Washington D.C. every week on UC Lab Day.

Rarely do Americans have the chance to watch their representative’s debate, other than watching it on television. However, the University College makes it possible for students to watch their representatives in person, inside the historic Senate Gallery.

In the midst of a looming government shutdown and a record-breaking filibuster led by Texas Senator Ted Cruz, a Word Politics University College class observed this action unfold, while only sitting feet away from history being made.

UC World Politics student Hunter Holmes, a Political Science major, found this visit especially rewarding.

“I feel it is important to see how our government functions. Hearing senators debate over Obamacare and the government shutdown is one thing, seeing it is another.”

For Hunter, there is nothing quite like watching his Congressman advocate on behalf of himself and his fellow Connecticut constituents.

“It was great seeing my senators from Connecticut cast their votes and do their job representing my state.”

Additionally, the World Politics UC visited the Supreme Court and was given insight on the highest court of the land, including the history behind the building and its inhabitants.

Michelle Chong, another World Politics student, was captivated by her visit to the site where many consequential cases have come to a head.

“The Supreme Court was interesting mostly because of what the Court stood for-truth, honor, law and order.”

On Lab Day for UC World Politics students, Washington D.C. is an extra classroom for students to learn about the inner workings of government, domestically and globally. Other sites they will visit this semester include the European Union as well as the Pentagon.